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Digital Payments
and Financing
for Parents

Simplifying digital payments and enabling instant financing for parents, across schools and colleges world-wide.

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Simplifying Digital Payments and Enabling Instant Financing

Parents can track their dues and pay anytime

No need to go to the schools and stand in queues; Parents can make instant, one-click payments. Reminders ensure that they never miss a payment!

Schools can collect fees digitally, seamlessly

No need to send out payment links or reconcile manually; Robust fee manager is custom built for education, and integrates with existing school systems. Analytics & AI give rich, real-time insights

Parents can avail financing options, instantly

No need to delay payments or take external, expensive credit; Parents can instantly avail installment options, at the time of making school payments, with-out cumbersome paperwork



Easy-to-use, Secure
Parent App

Parents can access future dues, past payments and make payments anytime, for all fees and expenditures, from the web or mobile

Robust Fee Manager for Schools and Colleges

Robust fee manager, built for education, and configurable to an institution’s needs; Enables end-to-end revenue management from billing, invoicing to reconciliations

Built-in Payment Gateways and Financing

In partnership with banks and leading financial institutions world wide; Digital payment and financing options out-of-the-box for parents

Easy Reminders / Follow-Ups

Auto reminders and alerts keep parents up-to-date; Parents can pay on time and avoid unnecessary penalties and fines

Auto Reconciliation and Sync

Integrations with student information systems and accounting softwares; Eliminates the need for manual intervention

Analytics & AI

Built-in reports, dashboards and AI to enable easy tracking of collections and dues, with drill-downs and deep-dives

Already used by schools and colleges in UAE and India

Every day, nexopay facilitates instant payments for thousands of parents and schools.

Aslam Sheikh

We have been using nexopay in our schools for a few months now and are very happy with the product and team. It has saved my team time and has helped me track collections and reduce leakage. Highly recommended to my peers in schools, great team.

Ashish Mehta

We were struggling to collect fees during COVID -19 and parents were hesitant to visit the bank or our school. With nexopay, I have been able to offer an alternative to my parents. Parents like it

Huda Fatima
Chief Financial Officer

My team used to send reminders to payments manually and it took them a lot of time. All of that has been automated with nexopay. I am seeing an increase in my monthly collections. Thank you Hussain for your support


Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a monthly or annual subscription fee for using the app?
Are there any charges for making payments through the app?
Is using nexopay mandatory? I prefer to visit the school and pay at the counter.
I am a school administrator and we already have an SIS/ERP, how do we start using nexopay?
I’m a school administrator and we send payment links to parents every month, how is nexopay different?

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